pizzaLegend has it that the ancient Persians cooked flatbread covered in cheese and dates on their shields. Greeks baked large round flatbreads topped with vegetables, potatoes, spices and olive oil. Yet, when we think of the invention of Pizza as we know it, consensus is that it was the Italians.

Much like today, right from the start pizza has been enjoyed by us common folk. Street vendors in 16th century Naples sold a cheap tasty round bread to the poor, called pizza. Around the 18th century the story of the humble pizza took a turn when according to legend, an Italian queen by the name of Margherita took an interest in the large round bread she saw peasants eating. After tasting it, she liked it so much she asked chef Raffaele Esposito from “Pizzeria di Pietro” to make her a pizza.

Chef Esposito obliged. He topped his pizza with Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and basil. The colours of his ingredients had been carefully chosen to reflect the colours of the Italian flag, mozzarella for white, tomato for red and basil for green. This simple pizza by today’s standards became the Queen’s favourite and the Pizza bearing her name was born, the Pizza Margherita.

It’s still a favourite around the world today. At Sage we are delighted to carry on the tradition and include it in our delicious range. Our Queen Margherita Pizza is topped with Buffalo Mozzarella and basil leaves with extra virgin olive oil drizzle, on top of our perfect pizza base and tomato paste.

From the humble beginnings as the food of peasants, pizzas are now enjoyed the world over. In Chicago they invented the deep dish pizza, in India the most popular toppings are are tofu, minced mutton and pickled ginger, whilst the Canadians add bacon to their pizzas. At Sage, you can try the Buddha, the Confucius or Big Kahuna? Or perhaps you would prefer the Einstein or Da Vinci? Our great selection of toppings reflects the universal appeal of pizzas and various cultural influences from around the world.

Join us at Sage for lunch or dinner and whether you are a queen or a peasant, whether you prefer traditional or contemporary, there is sure to be a perfect pizza for you.