Pizza - Is it about the Topping or the Crust?

When you select a pizza, what do you look at first, the topping or the crust?

The humble round flatbread sold to peasants in Naples has been embraced the world over. We love our pizzas and everyone has their own ideas on what is best when it comes to pizza. Long gone are the days where the choice is simply between pan fried or thin and crispy, with the choice of Hawaiian, Supreme or Pepperoni as your topping.

The traditional Neapolitan pizza base is still a favourite the world over with its hand kneaded dough stretched out so that it is never more than 3 millimeters thick. Yet, the Chicago style deep dish pizza takes the traditional ingredients and constructs an utterly different experience for the pizza lover. The deep dish with its thicker crust is more like a pie than a pizza, and it places the toppings upside down, with cheese on the bottom. Now we have so many options when it comes to the pizza base, from cheesy crust to gluten free, or from thin and crispy to deep pan it seems the humble pizza is not so simple anymore.

Yet, it can be argued that it’s the topping that makes all the difference. From the earliest stories of Rafaele Esposito’s topping of Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and basil for Queen Margherita it is the topping which truly reflects our local flavour and preference of taste. When it comes to toppings, the limit is your imagination. For vegetable lovers, the combination of roasted eggplant, zucchini, red capsicum, confit garlic & buffalo mozzarella (our Buddha Pizza) might hit the spot, whilst meat lovers might want to load up their pizza base with spicy danish salami, prosciutto, italian sausage, mozzarella & confit garlic (our Einstein Pizza).

At Sage, we believe it is not simply the crust or the topping, but the crust and the topping combined which makes a pizza great. At Sage, you won’t find overcooked or soggy pizza bases. Our golden-brown pizza crusts are the perfect platform for your preferred toppings. We take pride in our delicious combination of ingredients and wide range of toppings our pizza menu offers. Whether you look at the topping or the crust first, it is the great taste of our pizzas we are sure you will remember. Come and try for yourself. Sage Café Restaurant & Pizzeria, Broadbeach